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Held On Till May – Oblivion (Official Music Video) – YouTube

What would your final photo be? – YouTube

Oslo-based director Niels Windfeldt, part of Norwegian filmmaking collective Atlas and known for making ads and short films that dive deep into the extremes of the Norwegian landscape, talks about his film One Last Frame:

“Does taking a photo matter as much as it used to? One Last Frame explores the meaning of photography through the eyes of two young photographers as they try to settle on what they would shoot if they could only take one more picture for the rest of their lives.” Read more on NOWNESS –

How Does My Camera Work?

These days, you’d be hard pressed to find a person that doesn’t own some sort of camera. But considering the high number of camera owners globally, very few have a solid grasp concerning the machine’s elementary controls: Listed below are a few terms and concepts that every beginning photographer should know as explained by Some Stuff […]

Source: How Does My Camera Work?

Image Slideshow – August 2016

Slideshow of images posted during August 2016